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Three New Diesel Motorhomes

December 7, 2013 | Class A Motorhomes


The new diesel powered Palazzo 35.1 Class A RV offers a unique and spacious living room arrangement perfect for couples or bigger families. Space is substantial with dual opposing slide-outs, a first in the Palazzo line-up. A large 46” TV is viewable throughout the coach, and when not in use, easily stored away by retracting it into the buffet dinette.

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Essential Packing Checklist for Those Planning a trip Around the World

May 8, 2013 | Camping Gear


If you’re planning on taking a holiday for an extended period of time, like on an around-the-world tour, deciding on exactly what things you’re going to want and need can be a bit difficult. It’s easy enough packing for short trips, but with a trip that could potentially last months, a little extra thought is almost certainly necessary.

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The 5 Things you Should Avoid When Planning that Holiday

April 25, 2013 | Travel Destinations


Going away on a holiday soon? The key to having a great time is to plan your trip properly, and avoid making the same mistakes that others have made before you. Here are five things that will help you make your travel safer and easier. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t repeat them!

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New Super C RVs from Thor Motor Coach

January 25, 2013 | Class C Motorhomes


Check out the first glimpse of the new Super C Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach, with the introduction of the new 33SW. This new Super C RV model will be available in the already best selling Four Winds and Chateau Class C Motorhome brands, adding to the much needed market for “powerful” diesel powered class C motorhome.

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4 Budget Friendly Hotels in the Maldives

January 15, 2013 | RV Park/Resort


Pristine beaches line the coast of this piece of heaven on earth and you don't need to break the bank to succumb to its many wonders. Beach and ocean enthusiasts, scuba divers, honeymooners and anyone seeking serenity in the arms of a magnificent ocean will find this chain of coral islands in the Indian Ocean a perfect destination.

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Thor's New 37MD Outlaw Toy Haulers

December 4, 2012 | Toy Haulers


Thor recently came out with these new 37MD Outlaw Toy Haulers earlier this year. The new 37MD Outlaw Toy Hauler model boasts even more storage and sleeping capacity along with the most flexible hauling options in this very popular toy hauling Class A RV.

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Thor Unveils 2 New Diesel Super C Motorhomes

November 29, 2012 | Class C Motorhomes


Our friends at Thor, North America’s most chosen motorhome brand, have released 2 New Diesel Super C Motorhomes. The 33SW F550 Super C Motorhomes are both “Heavy Duty” diesel powered Ford F-550 Super Duty class C motorhomes and will be available in both the Four Winds and Chateau brands.

The 33SW motorhomes have a GVWR topping out at 19,500-lbs thanks to a Ford F-550 chassis and lots of power via a PowerStroke™ 6.7L diesel engine flexing a full 300-hp, and hefty 660-lb.ft, of torque. A 10,000-lb. trailer hitch will be no problem for the 33SW to maximize thanks to that combo plus a Ford 6-speed transmission The coach comes standard with an electronic brake controller integrated into the dash, so consumers simply get in and go.

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Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski

October 26, 2012 | Jetskis & Waverunners


The Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski does "45mph on land and water and Four seconds in between" which is quite a cool statement and could finally put your 007 fantasies to rest. Released next month, the Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski rocks a high performance BMW engine, a smooth suspension system and wheel retraction at the touch of a button (without the annoying cheap airline noises).

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Upgrading to a Luxury Custom Van

August 23, 2012 | Vans


Most consumers are unlikely to associate the words "van" and "luxury" with one another, but the truth is that these things aren't as mutually exclusive as many might think. In fact, a burgeoning industry for custom-designed vans is giving customers access to a number of great new features that can help to entertain family members on a long trip, keep them comfortable even for short drives, and redefine exactly what a van is, in terms of its comfort and appeal to a broad section of buyers.

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Thor ACE Motorhome 2013 Combines Class A and C

August 13, 2012 | Class A Motorhomes


The new Thor ACE Motorhome for 2013 is a luxurious castle on wheels. What does ACE mean you ask? Well these Thor ACE Motorhomes "combine the best features and family friendliness of the easy to drive Class C Motorhomes with the space and convenience of a Class A Motorhome."

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Mini Bicycle Caravan Called QTvan

March 24, 2012 | Bikes


If you thought biking long distances was hard enough, a QTvan Mini Bicycle Caravan like this one will insure you get a good work out! And while most cyclists sleep out of a smartly packed pack, you'll be able to show them a thing or two with this fully-equipped QTvan Mini Bicycle Caravan that comes with a full-sized single bed, 19” television, drinks cabinet and tea-making equipment. And offcourse if you're rockin an electric bike it'll be smoother sailing.

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How to lower RV expenses on a budget guide

July 14, 2011 | RVing


Here’s an article on how to lower RV expenses on a budget and especially in this economy. In this how to lower RV expenses guide we’ll discuss how to lower RV park expenses, driving (gas) expenses, RVing on the cheap, and all around tips to keep your trip fun without worrying about breaking the bank.

Every year thousands of people RV many miles and enjoy their vacation with the family. But the current rise in gas prices creates a lot of anxiety in RV vacationers. Everyone seems to be complaining about the huge RV expenses causing them to abandon their summer vacation. Numerous approaches can be adapted to minimize the extensive RV costs in order to fully enjoy your summer vacation...

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Where to Buy Inexpensive Toy Haulers : Buying Guide 2012

July 5, 2011 | Fifth Wheel Trailers


Here are some ways to find inexpensive toy haulers because we don't have to tell you that gas prices are high, jobs are scarce, and bubba still needs a college education. We've scanned the web and all other possible sources for the best ways to find these inexpensive toy haulers so you don't have to. We still use the word "inexpensive" with these toy haulers and not "cheap" since the below sources should result in quality yet affordable finds.

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Mountain Bike Car Racks : Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack

May 26, 2011 | Carry


Mountain bike car racks like this Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack get up to 2 bikes to the mountain easily, efficiently, and safely. These mountain bike car racks easily secure two bikes weighing up to 40 pounds each and are compatible with two-inch and 1.25-inch receivers (hitches) thanks to the one-sized-fits-all attachment. Though the Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack isn't Not suited for DH or freeride bikes, it fits almost all other bikes with 20-29in wheels and up to a 44.5-inch wheelbase. Also cool is how the Sherpa 2 provides an ample 13 inches of space between bikes to eliminate bike-on-bike violence during the drive, heat-treated aluminum chassis withstands road abuse, folds up for storage, and tilts downward for access to your vehicle's trunk. Other features include a front and rear tire ratchets that use an easy hand-tight cam system and frame supports to eliminate movement, and Hitch lock and an integrated cable lock for security. You can buy this Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack for a price of $429.

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Car Top Roof Rack Kayak Storage : Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs

May 25, 2011 | Carry


You can achieve efficient car top roof rack kayak storage with a Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs which which holds touring, whitewater, or recreational kayaks with equal security. This car top roof rack kayak storage is easy to load, securely holds your boat, and won’t take up all your roof space. Yakima made the Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs with dual J-bars and heavy-duty buckles ample padding so your boat rides snugly without damage from sharp metal. If you're trying to decide between the HullRaiser and the HullRaiser Aero ($119.20) it's easy... The Aero fits factory bars while the standard HullRaiser fits only Yakima-branded square or round bar setups. You can buy this Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs for a price of $95.20.

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