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Yamaha Phazer Snowmobile 2009


The next phaze of snowmobiles is here! Yamaha’s Phazer Snowmobile 2009 is lighter than ever, thanks to a lightweight, counterbalanced crankshaft, rear-exiting exhaust and ultra light, ultra rigid FX chassis. Fly across the frozen tundra – this Yamaha snowmobile’s Genesis 80FI four-stroke engine is fuel injected, compact and potent. The Phazer uses a dual-shock rear suspension system with a pair of KYB gas cell shocks, and a specially engineered front suspension package to accommodate its unique weight distribution and handling needs. Other features include wide handlebars, rear tunnel closure, digital gauge and to-the-end grip warmers. Base price of $6,699. Yamaha.

March 31, 2008 | Snowmobiles

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