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Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski


The Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski does "45mph on land and water and Four seconds in between" which is quite a cool statement and could finally put your 007 fantasies to rest. Released next month, the Quadski Amphibious Jet Ski rocks a high performance BMW engine, a smooth suspension system and wheel retraction at the touch of a button (without the annoying cheap airline noises).


While the first offering of these toys are being assembled at a production facility in Auburn Hills, MI. Gibbs Sports, Amphibians Inc is developing additional sports amphibians at development facilities in Auburn Hills, and Auckland, New Zealand. You're looking at a cool $40,000 for one of these.

Offcourse, if you can't afford $40,000 you can always get a Yamaha SuperJet 2011 or something like it. Just not land. Sorry.

Via Cool Material

Besportier Brazil

October 26, 2012 | Jetskis & Waverunners

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