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Multiple Canoe Kayak Trailers : Featherlite 1693 Recreational/ Utility

May 16, 2011 | Cargo Trailers


Multiple canoe kayak trailers like this Featherlite 1693 Recreational/ Utility Trailer are the way to go if you're serious about getting all your favorite watercrafts there in one piece and together. These Featherlite 1693 multiple canoe kayak trailers were actually first designed to haul motorcycles, but now serve one more function thanks to a new optional rack to haul canoes or kayaks. This new canoe/kayak rack is easily removable, allowing the trailer to remain versatile for hauling all types of other cargo like motorcycles, ATVs and lawn mowers. Overall, this is a great trailer for those who don't want to limit themselves to a trailer that can only haul one type toy! Check out some more specs below...

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Tailgate Trailer Lil Gator

August 19, 2010 | Cargo Trailers


Tailgating season is almost here, so you’d better pick up the Lil Gator trailer from Tailgate Trailers. Measuring in at 5′ x 8′, the Lil Gator trailer comes with everything you need for a rocking party. Inside this Tailgate Trailer, you’ll find carpeted walls, marble vinyl flooring, insulated white ceiling and an optional entrance door. To ensure you’ll be the most popular tailgater of the pack, it also comes with a 26-inch LCD HDTV that can be upgraded up to 32-inches. Other features include 1000-watt 5.1 surround sound system, DVD/VHS, TV antenna, a fridge, draft beer system, microwave and a porta potty. Tailgate Trailers.

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Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer

May 13, 2010 | Cargo Trailers


You don’t need the car to haul your cargo around anymore, because now you’ve got Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer. A great new product for commuters or travelers, the Travoy hitches to the seat post of any bike and comes right off once with the flip of a switch when you reach your destination. Built on a light yet sturdy aluminum frame, this Burley bike cargo trailer weighs less than 10 pounds and can carry up to 60 pounds. You can clip its accessory bags right onto the frame, and then lift them off once you get to where you’re going. The Travoy folds flat so you can store it when it’s not in use, and comes with its own carrying tote. Hitch one to your bike for $260. Burley.

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Aero GearWagon 125 Cargo Trailer

January 11, 2010 | Cargo Trailers


The next generation of trailers, the Aero GearWagon 125 Cargo Trailer covers all your carrying and camping needs. With 125 cubic feet of capacity, the GearWagon 125 is an enclosed sport utility performance trailer that can carry all your gear, ATVs, bikes, or double as a mini-camper that sleeps two. Giving you all the utility and function of a mid-to-full size pickup bed, this Aero cargo trailer has a Tonneau style lid and endgate for easy opening and loading options. For awesome performance suspension, the GearWagon 125’s torsion axle makes it a smooth ride at all posted highway speeds. It also comes with a smooth exterior and value-loaded interior, including ribbed flooring, drains, a spare tire holder, segmenting and molded decking capabilities. Put one on the back of your car for $3,987.65. Aero.

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Haulmark Grizzly Cub DT2 Cargo Trailer 2009

October 1, 2009 | Cargo Trailers


A bear of a cargo trailer, the Haulmark Grizzly Cub DT2 2009 is in no way cute and cuddly – it takes its hauling responsibilities seriously. Available in 6-wide in various lengths, the Grizzly Cub DT2 is ideal for your general cargo needs. Built with steel framing, TorFlex Axles, 3/4" plywood flooring, 3/8" plywood interior wall liners, heavy-duty hinges, side doors optional and structural gauge steel frames, this Haulmark cargo trailer goes the distance – and then some – whether you’re headed to work or headed to the cottage. Haulmark Trailers.

Featherlite 1609 Mod Pod Camping Cargo Trailer

September 7, 2009 | Cargo Trailers


Your money needs to go farther these days, and so do you possessions. And that’s where the Featherlite 1609 Mod Pod Camping Cargo Trailer comes in. When you’re not using the 1609 Mod Pod to haul cargo around, it can be used as an awesome camping shelter. Equipped with a flip top roof and rear, this Featherlite cargo trailer transforms from one function to another easily and quickly. Able to deliver a fuel-efficient tow, the 1609 Mod Pod can be hooked up to a wide variety of vehicles. Other features include flip down seats and table, canvas sides and a rear screen room. Featherlite.

Tow-N-Stow Trailer

August 3, 2009 | Cargo Trailers


When you’re not using it to tow camping essentials to the cottage, use the Tow-N-Stow Trailer to store gardening and sport supplies. Able to be towed by pretty much any type of vehicle, the Tow-N-Stow can haul ATVs, bikes and camping gear to your next outdoor adventure. When you’re not using it to tow cargo, it converts into a lockable, waterproof, upright storage unit that fits perfectly into your garage, shed or beside the house. Easy to hitch, load and clean, the Tow-N-Stow trailer hauls up to 1,000 pounds and a removable tailgate lowers to allow long loads or use of ramps. The Tow-N-Stow sells for about $2,495. Tow-N-Stow.

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Aero GearLodge Camper

July 20, 2009 | Cargo Trailers


When you’ve got more than just a bit to bring along to the trailer or cottage, it’s time to bring in the Aero GearLodge Camper. Pulling double duty as a camping shelter, the GearLodge goes from micro-trailer to toy-hauler in no time flat, thanks to its removable endgate and optional ramps. If you choose to use this Aero camper as a tent, it comes equipped with a solar powered ventilator that removes condensation from building up during the night, and offers quiet, reliable ventilation. It even has a screen window and door for enjoying the scenery, and a vestibule that extends over the endgate for more storage and sleeping space. Aero.



Tandem Tow HDXL Dolly

June 21, 2007 | Cargo Trailers


Leave no toy behind on your next vacation with the Tandem Tow HDXL Dolly. With enough room for a vehicle, and two motorcycles or an ATV, the Tandem Tow HDXL Dolly allows you to easily tow your toys behind your RV. Just run the bike onto the track, strap it down, and you’re on your way! There’s even enough room for your car, because you just never know when you might need it. There are plenty of great add-on options, such as chrome wheels, diamond plating, and electric brakes. Base price of $4,195. Race City RV Products.


Roadmaster RML Low Profile Motorcycle Trailer - Cargo Trailer

July 19, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


The Roadmaster RML Low Profile Motorcycle Trailer is great for those who treat there motorcycles like investments and want to make sure they are hauled safely and in style. Roadmaster RML Low Profile Motorcycle Trailer's are built tough with a steel uni-body frame, Dexter torsion axles and radial tires. This motorcycle trailer also features a wedge nose aerodynamic windbreaker which increases fuel efficiency plus increasing storage space, standard rear ramp door and beavertail for easy loading, and optional additional height for more headroom. Roadmaster.

Evo Personal Watercraft Trailer

June 12, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


Evo Personal Watercraft Trailers are great for hauling around all your Seadoos, Jet Skis, Waverunner etc. Check out Evo Personal Watercraft Trailers like the Evo Heavy Duty Dual Watercraft Trailer (Model 848) which includes standard features like a convenient Storage Container plus Gas tank holder, Spare tire mount, and Jack & Caster. The Dual Watercraft Trailer weighs about 550 lbs, is 176" long, 100" wide, and rides on 13". Carson Trailer.

Road Force Cargo Trailers

June 9, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


Road Force Cargo Trailers are the mid-range trailer in the Wells Cargo arsenal. Road Force Cargo Trailers offer both rugged durability and exceptional value in there line of 5',6',7' and 8' wide cargo trailers. Road force even offers you ten reasons why it is the clear leader of its trailer class. The Road Force 5' Wide Travel Trailer for instance it easy to maneuver, load, and safely tow behind almost any vehicle and offers an optional V-Front which provides an additional 28" of room not to mention a more aerodynamic design. Pick from ten colors and a wide variety of options and packages for a total customized look. Wells Cargo.

Kendall Cargo Trailers

June 9, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


Kendall Trailer Mfg. makes a variety of trailers including cargo trailers, concession trailers, fiber optic trailers, and landscaping trailers. Kendall cargo trailers range in size from 4'x6' to 8'6"x40' and in weight from 800 lbs. to 40000 lbs. capacity. Pick from six different colors and options like Air Conditioning if wanted. Kendall Trailers.

TN Snowmobile/ATV Trailer - Sport Utility Trailer

June 8, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


TN Trailers like the TN Snowmobile/ATV Trailer Sport Utility Trailer are made with a industry exclusive powder coated frame, wrap over 1-piece aluminum roofing system and come with a 15-year floor warranty. The Snowmobile/ATV Trailer Sport Utility Trailer comes in four models, ten colors and is great for towing your beloved toys including Snowmobiles and ATVs around where ever you go. The largest 726TA2 model is overall 27' 6" long, 8' 6" wide 7' 11" tall and inside 26' long, 6' 9" wide and 6' 2" tall. TN Trailers.

United U-Series - Cargo Trailers

June 7, 2006 | Cargo Trailers


United U-Series Cargo Trailers like all United Trailers come with five year limited warranty backed by three generations of manufacturing experience, superior materials and durable designs. Unique features include the rear corner posts and header which are made of 12 gauge steel to provide the ramp door with a solid framework. You can also customize your United U-Series Cargo Trailer in many ways and choose from different floorplans, nose shapes, and colors. The Cargo Trailer 6' Wide 3500lb Tandem Axle above has a prive of $2,999 just to give you an idea. Ultimate Trailer.

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