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Mountain Bike Car Racks : Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack

May 26, 2011 | Carry


Mountain bike car racks like this Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack get up to 2 bikes to the mountain easily, efficiently, and safely. These mountain bike car racks easily secure two bikes weighing up to 40 pounds each and are compatible with two-inch and 1.25-inch receivers (hitches) thanks to the one-sized-fits-all attachment. Though the Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack isn't Not suited for DH or freeride bikes, it fits almost all other bikes with 20-29in wheels and up to a 44.5-inch wheelbase. Also cool is how the Sherpa 2 provides an ample 13 inches of space between bikes to eliminate bike-on-bike violence during the drive, heat-treated aluminum chassis withstands road abuse, folds up for storage, and tilts downward for access to your vehicle's trunk. Other features include a front and rear tire ratchets that use an easy hand-tight cam system and frame supports to eliminate movement, and Hitch lock and an integrated cable lock for security. You can buy this Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack for a price of $429.

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Car Top Roof Rack Kayak Storage : Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs

May 25, 2011 | Carry


You can achieve efficient car top roof rack kayak storage with a Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs which which holds touring, whitewater, or recreational kayaks with equal security. This car top roof rack kayak storage is easy to load, securely holds your boat, and won’t take up all your roof space. Yakima made the Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs with dual J-bars and heavy-duty buckles ample padding so your boat rides snugly without damage from sharp metal. If you're trying to decide between the HullRaiser and the HullRaiser Aero ($119.20) it's easy... The Aero fits factory bars while the standard HullRaiser fits only Yakima-branded square or round bar setups. You can buy this Yakima HullRaiser w/Tie Downs for a price of $95.20.

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Automobile Bicycle Racks : Yakima Hold Up Bike Rack w/ Lock Cable

May 24, 2011 | Carry


Automobile bicycle racks like this Yakima Hold Up Bike Rack w/ Lock Cable are a easy solution to hauling one or two bikes with you on your way to the race, trail or mountain. These automobile bicycle racks allow for fast, easy, low-effort loading of one or two bicycles with the StrongArm bracket which securely holds bike of virtually any size without contacting the bike frame and comes with the LockUp to secure the bikes to your rack so you can leave the car without worry. The Yakima Hold Up Bike Rack w/ Lock Cable also has an integrated bottle opener so you can pop a cold beer after the ride. That was thoughtful of them! The rack fits bikes with 14-29in wheel diameters. You can buy this Yakima Hold Up Bike Rack for a price of $319.20.

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Thule 689USBXT Sprit Cargo Carrier

September 22, 2010 | Carry


The very definition of form meeting function, the Thule 689USBXT Sprit Cargo Carrier perfectly combines style and practicality. The low-profile 689USBXT Sprit offers greater garage access without sacrificing box capacity and it’s easy to open and close, thanks to reinforced lid and lid lifters. Available in silver and black, this Thule cargo carrier’s aerodynamic design minimizes wind for greater fuel efficiency and quieter travel. Equipped with oversized ergonomic lock knob that is easier to turn, the 689USBXT Sprit’s Dual-Side opening makes it simple to load and unload. Other features include the Quick-Grip mounting system, SecureLock and the 2 One-Key Locks. Put one on top of your vehicle for $939.99. Thule.

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Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

September 1, 2010 | Carry


Turn pretty much any vehicle into a bike-transporting machine with the Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack. This removable rack holds three bikes and hooks up easily to almost any vehicle. Quick and easy to install, this Hollywood Racks truck mount rack comes with bike separators complete with rubber straps that allow for simple mounting while also keeping the bikes secures on the rack. The E3 comes fully assembled and folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Pick one up for $69.95. Hollywood Racks.

Via Gadget Grid

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Thule 867 Tahoe Cargo Carrier

April 30, 2010 | Carry


Storage is in the bag with the Thule 867 Tahoe Cargo Carrier. Offering up to 17 cubic feet of space, the 867 Tahoe can hold up to 165lbs of cargo. Durable and tough, this Thule cargo carrier is made from weather resistant material and reinforced with taped seams that help keep contents dry. It also comes equipped with an internal foam structure that protects its contents and keeps bag shape so it makes it easy to load and unload. Held securely to the rack with heavy duty cargo buckles and double stitched webbing, the 867 Tahoe comes with a 3-sided zipper so you can get to your stuff without a hassle, and it collapses fast and compact for easy storage. Bring it all for $249.99. Thule.

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Yakima Foam Block System

April 2, 2010 | Carry


A simple and functional solution to carrying your canoe or kayak, the Yakima Foam Block System is the perfect entry-level carrying solution. Available for vehicles with or without an existing rack, the Foam Block system comes with foam blocks, straps, hooks and tie downs, as well as anti-slip pads and come with a mesh storage bag. Designed to fit and protect most styles of hulls and gunwales, this Yakima carrying system’s dimple design makes for easy installation. Its laminated anti-skid pads will make sure your vehicle is protected and your vehicle and they attach to round and square crossbars right out of the box. And the price is right too – just $35 each. Yakima.

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StowAway Swingaway Bike Gear Rack

March 26, 2010 | Carry


Take your bikes with you on your travels with the StowAway Swingaway Bike Gear Rack. Able to be used both as a bike and cargo rack, the Swingaway Bike Gear rack can fit and cradle up to four bikes. With plenty of room for your other gear, this StowAway rack rises 6 inches and swings up to 180 degrees, giving you access to the rear of your vehcile. It comes equipped with soft rubber cradles and straps that are easy on your bikes, and when it’s not needed, the bike rack portion is removable, leaving you with a handy rack for just your gear. It also comes with a hitch tightener to prevent hitch wobble and a single key cable lock and hitch lock. Pick one up for $419. StowAway2.

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Aero GearDeck 17 Cargo Carrier

March 12, 2010 | Carry


Pack it up and hit the road with the Aero GearDeck 17 Cargo Carrier. Offering 17 cubic feet of storage room, the GearDeck 17 is highly versatile and can be used for just about anything. Equipped with the TwinTube hitch rack structural design, this Aero cargo carrier is strong and stable and fits perfectly on your RV, fifth wheel, SUV or pick-up truck. And thanks to its telescoping system, you’ll get up to 34" of slide clearance for access to your vehicle rear cargo bay. It’s easily adaptable to be used as an open platform cargo carrier or enclosed cargo box, while its lid comes off quickly when needed. The GearDeck 17 retails for $629.95. Aero.

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Rightline Cargo Saddlebag Carrier

March 4, 2010 | Carry


Fit even more junk in your trunk with the Rightline Cargo Saddlebag Carrier. A rugged cargo carrier that rests on the back of your automobile, the Cargo Saddlebag is hung from your luggage rack and is secured with two bottom straps which attach to your bumper, tow hitch, or underneath the vehicle. Made from a UV resistant, waterproof PVC backed polyester, this Rightline carrier produces no aerodynamic drag and doesn’t have to battle it out with the elements. When you reach your destination, the Cargo Saddlebag is easy to remove, thanks to the handles of either side, and you’ll never lose its handy instruction sheet, as it comes sewn right into the bag. Rightline.

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Yakima HighRoller Bike Rack

February 26, 2010 | Carry


Tight and upright, the Yakima HighRoller Bike Rack is easy to load, easy on your bike and super stable. Allowing you to secure you bike without removing the front wheel, the HighRoller doesn’t scratch the paint, as it grabs on the wheel and keeps off touch the painted surfaces of your bike. Able to fit most tire sizes, this Yakima bike rack holds bikes with wheels from 20” to 29” in diameter. It comes equipped with an easy-to-reach knob that controls retention, adjustment and release and its amazingly strong wheel tray can hold any bike you put on it. Other features include a premium finish, integrated SKS cable lock, easy to adjust sliding wheel tray and double-sided wheel strap. Put one on top of your car for $250. Yakima.

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Thule 857 Caravan Cargo Carrier

February 22, 2010 | Carry


Large and in charge, the Thule 857 Caravan Cargo Carrier lets you bring it all with you on your next weekend adventure. Environmentally friendly, the 857 Caravan is made from durable, PVC-free nylon, and its weather resistant construction including taped seams helps keep everything inside it dry. Able to carry 13 cubic feet or up to 110lbs, this Thule cargo carrier fits Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks. It comes equipped with heavy-duty snap buckles that secure the bag to your vehicle and when it’s not in use, it collapses fast for easy storage. Other features include a carrying bag. Haul it all for $149.99. Thule.

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Mount Blanc Triton 350 Rooftop Cargo Carrier

January 25, 2010 | Carry


Sleek and functional, the Mount Blanc Triton 350 Rooftop Cargo Carrier boasts good looks and amazing durability. Made with UV-resistant ABS plastic, the aerodynamic Triton 350 comes in either black or silver and fits both standard square and aluminum bars with C-slots. For soft openings and closings, this Mount Blanc rooftop cargo carrier comes equipped with gentle gas struts, and its three-point central locking Secure-Assure locking system means that its key can’t be removed until the locks are fully. Other features include a flexible attachment to the load bar and securing straps and locks. Mount Blanc.

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Rage PowerSports Summit Cargo Carrier

January 7, 2010 | Carry


Sometimes, you’ve just got to bring along the kitchen sink – and that’s where the Rage PowerSports Summit Cargo Carrier comes in. Weatherproof and soft-sided, the Summit is made from heavy-duty PVC coated nylon and comes equipped with a storm flap with a self-repairing ripper for supreme water resistance. To give yourself 15 cubic feet of extra space, this Rage PowerSports cargo carrier simply ties down to your existing vehicle’s roof rack. Features include adjustable tie down straps and easy to fold soft sides. Get more space for $39.99. Rage PowerSports.

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Packasport 115 Cargo Carrier

December 22, 2009 | Carry


Able to cover the roof of a Suburban, the Packasport 115 Cargo Carrier looks like it belongs there. And it really does, especially if you’re after a lot of extra storage space. Ideal for any kind of vehicle, the 115 fits on SUVs, trucks, vans, large sedans and full-size station wagons to give you 30.5 cubic feet of extra space. Great for camping trips, this Packasport cargo carrier holds enough gear for a small expedition. In fact, you could bring a few snowboards, two bikes, luggage, playpens, camping gear and so much more – you’ll never leave anything behind ever again! Put one on the top of your car for $999. Packasport.

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