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IonKids tracking child system

October 3, 2005 | Child Travel


Like having control of your young dog? Off course you do, without a leash it would run away! Well the same idea comes into mind when traveling with your kids, whether it be Africa or just to the mall. The IonKids system from the firm Bluespan gives your kids some space but doesn't let them wander too far. A perfect travel gadget! Your child wears a comfortable Wristag (kinda like a regular wristwatch) that communicates directly to the PDA-like Base Unit in your hands. When the child wanders too far away, the child's Wristtag starts to beep and sends an alert to the screen portion of the Base Unit and helps the parent locate the child’s position. Some people might view this as slightly inhumane ... but then again i've seen actual leashes on kids! To the discetion of the child's behaivor.

Tracking Your Kids (thecoolhunter)

Don't Shake - child protection

September 7, 2005 | Child Travel


We've all heard of some crazy parent shaking a child because they wouldn't stop crying. Well behaivor like this can cause blindness, motor function handicaps, and if not treated, even death. Yes... unfortunately we've all heard of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The object of this gagdet is to reduce frustration, a main reason SBS happens. By informing the caretaker about how much a child normally cries, it prepares them if a child won't stop crying and if shaken hard, and it calls a doctor or parents using SMS. And it comes in a cute almost dinosaury color that parents and child alike will enjoy.

Don't Shake (Yanko Design)

Children Under 2 don't need Plane Tickets

August 25, 2005 | Child Travel

The government has decided that children younger than 2 years old will still be allowed to sit on their parents' laps while flying. Making safety seats mandatory on planes for small children had been under discussion, but didn't happen because then parents would have to buy extra plane tickets. Making safety seats mandatory would in effect lead cost conscious travelers to drive to their destination instead of flying, increasing the risk of accidents (43,000 people died in highway accidents compared to only 13 deaths on commercial airline flights). Good news for traveling parents!

Children Under 2 Won't Need Plane Tickets (abc news)