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Highgear Enduro Compass

March 14, 2007 | Compasses


What makes the Highgear Enduro Compass so unique – and handy – is that it’s worn like a watch. The Enduro Compass is a digital compass, watch, chronograph and timer all in one. This compass has an adjustable declination, 360 degree bearings, 32 cardinal points with N direction, one resolution with 32 direction pointers and an option for one or continuous direction measurement. The Enduro chronograph function has a training log with a best/average lap and total segment feature. The Highgear Enduro Compass retails for $80. Highgear.

SUUNTO MC-2D Mirror Compass

August 18, 2006 | Compasses


The SUUNTO MC-2D Compass, part of the MC range of compasses,
is a professional mirror compass for precise directional measurements. The SUUNTO MC-2D Compass features the Two Zone System, clinometer large mirror, jewel bearing, additional sighting hole for superior accuracy, baseplate with magnifying lens, luminous two-color bezel ring, and a detachable snap lock lanyard. This one will work great for surveyors, miners, architects, rescue patrols, hikers, boaters and the military. The declination adjustment system, standard throughout the range, will be especially useful when working in areas of large magnetic variation, while the sighting notch provides superior accuracy. The MC-2D sells for a price around $35.Suunto.

Brunton 58 Kayak Deck Compass

January 16, 2006 | Compasses


While kayaking through a river in the wilderness in might be smart to bring along the Brunton 58 Kayak Deck Compass. Brunton makes very fine gear and this completely waterproof item has many features: 10-degree graduations, can be attached with shock cord hooks, will attach securely to deck lines, straps or strap eyes. Pick up the Brunton 58 Kayak Deck Compass for about $45


Davis Hand Bearing Compasses

December 14, 2005 | Compasses


By using a Davis Hand Bearing Compass you can easily obtain quick magnetic bearings on shore or on floating objects. Simply align the front and rear sights on an object and read off the bearing. Davis Hand Bearing Compasses are also great to use for determining the angular loss or gain in a competition during racing, checking distance offshore, establishing lee-bow set while cruising or racing in currents, and drift vectoring and plotting a line of position. Choose from a standard or Illuminated Hand Bearing Compass. Both compasses feature a liquid-damped compass card graduated in 5° segments and a large, contoured handle. Lanyard and instructions included. The illuminated compass sports a solid-state LED with a positive push-on switch.

SUUNTO D-165 K compass

October 20, 2005 | Compasses


The Suunto D-165 K compass happens to be the largest and steadiest compass in the Suunto marine compass line, fit for the world's toughest seas. It's global balancing feature allows for it to function flawlessly anywhere in the world. The Suunto D-165 K compass also features pedestal or shelf mounting, and a compensator and protective soft sun hood. Choose from black or polished stainless steel. Makes for a great gift!

Suunto's new Two Zone Compasses

September 29, 2005 | Compasses


Suunto's 'Two Zone System' will give compasses a far greater latitudinal range than before. This new system insures that a compass manufactured for the northern hemisphere will still work for a fair distance traveling into the southern hemisphere, and vise versa. The new A, M and MC series and Arrow field compasses will be available from the autumn of 2005.

Suunto's new Two Zone Compasses (Suunto)

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