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surefire E2O Outdoorsman flashlight

January 11, 2006 | Flashlights


Having a good flashlight is important if an avid traveler. The Surefire E2O Outdoorsman flashlight, $95.00, was designed for outdoor enthusiasts requiring a long running, high performance hand-held light that will out perform any other light in its category. Measuring only 4.5 inches and weighing just 3.2 ounces, the E2O Outdoorsman flashlight produce 25 lumens of light for about 2.5 hours. Other features include a flawless white beam which is always in focus, Weatherproof Perfect design, and small pocket size.

Angus Noble Indium PC Programmable Flashlight

November 7, 2005 | Flashlights


Being the World’s first PC programmable flashlight, the Angus Noble Indium Smart Flashlight, $350, is one of a kind. This flashlight features a modular design thats lets you use different LED modules, containing Luxeon 3W, 5W, and in the future the new Luxeon K2 emitters. Using your Laptop or PC you can program the flashlight to show complex sequences of strobes, fades and even Morse code.