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August 8, 2006 | Future Homes


The Loftcube will appeal to the nomadic person who living for short periods of time in the large cities and dense urban areas wants a temporary Sanctuary. Loftcubes where thought up to be constructed on the roofs of existing architecture: highrises, buildings etc. The body of the loft cube can be customized how the user desires. The four outer walls of the Loft Cube are separate segments that can be made transparent, translucent or closed versions. Louvre windows with horizontal wooden slates provide ventilation. Seems there are two models available the LC39, which provides 420ft of living space and the LC55 with 588ft. The price for this high kind of lifestyle complete with bathroom and Kitchen is as follows: $136,000 and $180,000 respectively. Plus the price of installing your LoftCube on a high rise via crane or helicopter and rooftop rent. No doubt we will see more and more of these in the future. Loftcube.

house of the future

January 17, 2006 | Future Homes


The Innovative design features used in this experimental property in Sheffield may soon mass marketed to the public. The Parnell family, comprising Nick and Sue and their two daughters, were chosen from 70 volunteer families to spend six months in this house of the future. The Project LIFE house was built with unique features including a laundry linked to floors above via a laundry chute, a bootroom entrance, a basement den, underfloor heating, self-cleaning windows, an automatic shirt-ironer and energy-saving ventilation. During the testing period the Parnell family had to wear radio frequency identification tags allowing their movements and use of the unusual rooms and features to be recorded. Kinda like lab rats huh? Just kidding! Because of their experience we will soon be living in similar luxury.

the mc-h (micro compact home) pod house

November 1, 2005 | Future Homes


Check out these 9 foot x 9 foot x 9 foot micro compact homes. Finding property in Britain, as well as many places in the world, these days can be a long hard struggle. Will these new kind of accomodations solve the housing problems? We'll have to see... Richard Horden of Horden Cherry Lee, believes his mc-h (micro compact home) will make an ideal temporary student and key-worker accommodation. I see what the world is coming to, it's true, we are all going to live in small boxes one day.

Amphibious houses

October 4, 2005 | Future Homes


I am captivated by the thought of these floating houses like these sold in Germany I previously covered. The Dutch smartly preparing for climate change and rising water levels are largely depending on these amphibious homes. If and when the rivers will rise above their banks, the houses will rise upwards as well. 37 of the floating houses are already strung along a branch of the Maas. The cellar, not built into the earth like I first thought is built into the platform. The hollow foundation can be compared to the hull of a ship, safely buoying the structure up above water. Two steel posts which are drivin deep enough into the earth to withstand currents you would find in the open seas prevent the houses from floating away and so as the water level sinks they sink back down in sequence. These model houses are built to last at least one hundred years, and can be fixed in the dockyard if there are any problems. If only New Orleans can somehow implement this brilliant idea.

Amphibious houses (we-make-money-not-art)

Floating houses rise with floodwaters (BoingBoing)

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Floating Home

September 30, 2005 | Future Homes


If you have a fascination with water this new lifestyle may be for you! Buying a home by the water is expensive and hard to find then how about buying a home in the water? So why not make use of the water as the Londoners do in Little Venice asks the German based Floating homes company? In large German conurbations there is sufficient waste land with areas of water that could be reactivated and brought back to life by floating homes. These homes are modern inside to say the least, and feature a wide range of floor plan modification options. Sounds like an acquired taste, but hey what bachelor wouldn't want to be able to say: Hey! Let me take you back to my house, it's in the middle of the lake, we can be as loud as we want!

Floating home (Yanko Design)