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iHome iH85B Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod

July 4, 2007 | iPod & Accessories


You’ll want to put your pedal to the metal with the iHome iH85B Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod. A water-resistant iPod speaker case that clamps to your bike frame, the Bike to Beach features a handlebar-mounted remote control, which allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes. This iHome bicycle speaker features Reson8 technology which provides full, rich sound, and a tough water- and impact-resistant polycarbonate case. You can even use it when you're not riding – it’s perfect for the beach and poolside as well. The iH85B comes with an AC adapter, mounting bracket and all the hardware. Retails for $99.99. iHome Audio.


Cravatta iPod silk tie

March 9, 2006 | iPod & Accessories


This Cravatta iPod silk tie cleverly conceals your iPod nano and is available in red, pink and navy. Cravatta Tie features a special loop so that iPod wires are kept under control. Pick it up at Thomas Pink for $85.


The New Video iPod

February 12, 2006 | iPod & Accessories


Rumor has it that Apple has plans to release a true video iPod which will not only feature a 3.5 inch diagonal display, but also a touch screen complete with get this... a “digital” wheel, so no more ubiquitous mechanical click wheel. Out as early as april the 6G iPod will not feature wireless connectivity but will continue to connect to televisions using the conventional cabling solution of current models. Get ready for the incarnation of a complete video iPod solution. I can bet that a whole new line of ipod accessory will also be abrewing.



February 10, 2006 | iPod & Accessories


Keeping your iPod safe is of most importance! That's why having a case is a very necessary ipod accessory. These hard shell see-through NanoShell cases are offered in five vibrant colors, and include two backings with and without belt-clip, for only $14.99 each. Colors include crystal clear, tech lime, indigo blue, perfect purple and pretty in pink.

nano Tune buckle

January 10, 2006 | iPod & Accessories


The Tune buckle, $50, is simply a belt that comes with an iPod Nano holder which is also the buckle. The Tune Buckle fits waists from 30 to 46 and comes in black or white.


iPod Multi-Charger

December 15, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


With the iPod Multi-Charger you can charge any iPod model from either the wall, your PC's USB port, or your car's cigarette lighter adapter with one simple multi-option adapter pack. I know i'm not the only who gets pissed that their iPod isn't charged. I'm 98% sure the wall adapter is for European outlets only though. Check compatibility of the iPod Multi-Charger with you model iPod.

H20 SV ip4g waterproof iPod case

December 7, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


Surf. Wake. Snow. Dive. Wherever your soundtrack is. Bring it. H2O products make sure that water doesn't come between your favorite activities and you favorite tunes. The H20 SV ip4g, $149.95, for example, features waterproof mp3 player housing, waterproof headset and silicon earplugs. It also allows for easy access to control the mp3 player functions and submersion up to 10ft/3m. The H20 SV ip4g supports the iPod 4G, but don't worry other models support other iPods. Check out the compatibility reference guide.

iDJ iPod Mixing Console

December 2, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


IPod has become a part of our way of life. Another great example is
this iDJ iPod Mixing Console, $249.99, which allows you to professionally mix live tunes from two iPods and entertain all you lavish guests. The mixing console allows you to fully control each iPod directly from the iDJ, have separate adjustment for each channel with the Independent 3-band EQ, and add music quickly with the USB connectivity. Have fun and be the DJ.

iPod xs

October 24, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


Yanko Design has had lots of great concepts in the past ... Check out this one by Designer Jlennon. The iPod xs is a reality, or soon to be one. It's the smallest Ipod yet, but doesn't compromise sound quality. Imagine your music at your fingertips, a little larger than the size of a quarter.

O’Neill iPod controller glove

October 17, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


Wicked! Finally some Ipod implementation for the snowboarders and skiers. The O’Neill iPod Fat Controller, a snow glove that incorporates a wireless remote control for iPod's, uses radio frequencies to control your iPod. Song selection is controlled from a small, thumb-controlled joystick woven in to the top of the right-hand glove (kinda like iPod’s scroll wheel). Now you can play/pause, adjust volume and skip tracks without having to take out your Ipod from your snowboard jacket, revealing your brittle and toasty body. A limited number of the new gloves will be distributed throughout Europe this coming winter at a retail price of about $170 US.


Boomtune Mini iPod Speakers

August 3, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


The Boomtune mini tripod is a new speaker design that fits iPod and MP3 Players. The 1W x 2 output is surprisingly high for such a compact size and off course because of its size you can take it anywhere... A nice gadget for travelers who love music and want to bring its beautiful presence everywhere. Maximum Operating time is 10 hours on one AAA battery. Too bad these are only available in Japan... I swear they get to have all the fun.


Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod

August 1, 2005 | iPod & Accessories


I've seen wireless headphones before but never as sleek as these...This model from Logitech features a wireless range of about 30 feet, "Interference-free digital sound and advanced Bluetooth™ frequency hopping technology," and Integrated iPod controls, all for $149.99.


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