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Cruise Car All American NEV

October 8, 2010 | NEVs


Made from up to 50 percent recycled or certified re-manufactured parts and materials, the Cruise Car All American NEV makes it easy to be eco friendly. This line of solar electric vehicles includes 12 Low Speed Vehicles are made in the U.S. and built with welded aluminum space frames using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions. Equipped with Eco Trans Alliance’s Sunray Solar Tops, these Cruise Car NEVs are efficient, have extended driving range and will be rust-resistant. Cruise Car Inc.

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Eco&Mobilite SimplyCity NEV

August 20, 2010 | NEVs


A green and economical answer to expensive, carbon emitting shared rides, the Eco&Mobilite SimplyCity NEV gets you around the city in an environmentally friendly way. A concept vehicle that’s built with recycled and recyclable materials, this Eco&Mobilite NEV uses materials like hemp fiber and wood, reducing the weight by 30 percent. Powered by electric motor, the SimplyCity is designed offer low operating costs and a minimal carbon footprint. Eco&Mobilite.

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Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans4x4 NEV 2011

August 3, 2010 | NEVs


When you’ve got a bunch of people to drop off at a worksite, the Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans4x4 NEV 2011 comes in handy. Thanks to its uniquely designed chassis, the 4010 Trans4x4 allows you to switch between a two-seat cargo hauler and four-seat people mover in a few easy steps. Powered by a four-stroke, 617cc V-twin industrial engine, this Kawasaki NEV produces exceptional torque at low engine speeds, and offers efficient running and good fuel economy. Other features include fully automatic transmission with selectable two- or four-wheel drive, Electric Power Steering system, DFI precision and MacPherson strut long-travel front suspension. Prices start at $10,899. Kawasaki.

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E-Z-GO 2Five Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

July 5, 2010 | NEVs


Finish everything on your to-do list and then drop the kids off at school in the E-Z-GO 2Five Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. The company’s first street-legal electric vehicle, the 2Five can reach speeds of 25mph and is restricted to roads with a 35mph speed limit. Powered by an AC electric powertrain motor, this E-Z-GO NEV comes in both two-and four-passenger models, and no matter which you choose, you can be assured that both offer the same superb performance, convenience and style. Other features include four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, an onboard charger, an accessory outlet that charges mobile phones and other portable devices, and three-point seat belts and hip restraints. Prices for the 2Five start at $8,300. E-Z-GO.

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March 15, 2010 | NEVs


Green rides are coming out in full force at the Geneva Motor show, including Croatian DOK-ING’s XD Concept NEV. The coolest vehicle out of the country since the Yugo, the XD Concept is powered by an all-electric system that runs on electricity and produces zero emissions. Able to reach 100kph in just 7.7 seconds, this DOK-ING NEV gets its juice from 2 or 4 40KW motors, and drivers have the option to choose from either front or a rear-wheel drive. It also comes with a 32KWh battery pack that allows it to run for about 250km, 360 degree airbags, an integrated safety system foe electronic stability and ABS brakes. DOK-ING.

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Lumeneo Smera Concept NEV

March 8, 2010 | NEVs


Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Lumeneo Smera Concept NEV helps you clean up the streets – not to mention the environment. A zero-emission compact vehicle, the Smera is powered by lithium batteries that power two electric motors that offer 1000Nm of torque at the rear wheels, and can reach speeds of 130kph with a range of 150km. Designed to zip though city traffic, this Lumeneo NEV has a width of just 86cm, which makes this inline two-seater really take those corners. In the cockpit, you’ll find an LCD screen that shows all of the intuitive commands and its trunk is big enough to store you daily gear. Lumeneo.

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February 24, 2010 | NEVs


A concept car designed to run clean on electricity, the TRIGON NEV gives commutes an alternate way of getting around town while being eco-friendly. Designed by industrial designers Alexandros TH Katinis and Kim Katinis, the TRIGON is a single-seat vehicle that offers minimum volume, weight and load to better its efficiency. Powered by two in-wheel electric motors, the TRIGON spacious cockpit makes sure that drivers enjoy a comfortable drive. And thanks to the fact that it features a reduced number of components, it will be easy to recycle and reduce the waste of raw materials.

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Rinspeed UC? NEV 2010

February 17, 2010 | NEVs


Set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, Swiss design studio Rinspeed presents its electrically powered UC? NEV 2010. A compact battery powered “urban commuter,” the UC? concept gets its juice from a LiTec lithium ion battery that takes you about 65 miles before it needs to get plugged again. Utilizing a perpendicular parking concept, this Rinspeed NEV is ideal for crowded cities, especially those in Europe – the company has developed a train car loading system that allows you to drive the UC? on and off the train. And when you want to drive it in the winter, the UC? gets toasty warm thanks to innovative high-voltage, high-efficiency heating system that puts out 60 degrees celsius in just 30 seconds. Rinspeed.

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Wheego Whip LiFe NEV

February 2, 2010 | NEVs


Recently unveiled at the Washington Auto Show, watch for the Wheego Whip LiFe NEV to be hitting a street near you soon. A zero-emission vehicle powered by electricity, the upgraded Whip LiFe is powered by a 28KWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. Available to the public later this year, this Wheego NEV has can reach top speeds of 65mph and an operating range of 100 miles on a single charge. The Whip LiFe will sell for under $35,000. Wheego.

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Nemo NEV

January 22, 2010 | NEVs


Technologically advanced and fully compliant with environmental legislation, the Nemo NEV gets the job done no matter what the elements throw in your way. Incredibly agile, the Nemo has a tight turning radius while still being able to offer solid dependability and flexibility. With its 1000lbs payload, this LSV NEV is powered by a GE 72V 4.8KW/6.4HP motor and 12 6V batteries, reaching top speeds of 40km/h (25mph) with a range of 115kms (70 miles). Other features the Nemo truck comes equipped with include rear-wheel drive transmission, front and rear disk brakes, Adjustable steering wheel, hydraulic shocks, tinted windshield, heater and air defroster and 3 point safety belts. Nemo.

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Miles ZX40ST NEV

December 4, 2009 | NEVs


Got a job to get done but want to keep it Green? Take the Miles ZX40ST VEV out for a spin. Powered by an advanced AC motor, the ZX40ST gives you superb torque up those hilly roads and has a driving range of 30 to 40 miles per charge. Constructed with an all steel body and side impact door beams, this Miles NEV is designed to protect you and your passengers, while comfort features such as a spacious cockpit and a heating and defrosting system keeps you comfortable while you get the job done. Other features include regenerative braking, zero tailpipe emissions, fold down gates, 110V wall socket and large truck bed. Drive one away for $19,900. Miles Electric Vehicles.

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GreenWheel Ideale NEV

November 11, 2009 | NEVs


GreenWheel has come up with the ideal solution for getting around in an eco-conscious way – the Ideale NEV! A full featured and economical vehicle that puts out zero emissions, the Ideal is perfect for getting around town. Powered by a 3 phase AC motor and 72 Volt 150Ah AGM battery, this GreenWheel NEV charges from a standard household electric socket to provide you with hours of carefree driving. Able to reach speeds of 25mph, the Ideale can go up to 62 miles on a single charge and takes about six hours to fully recharge. Other features include an alarm function, rear window defroster, front and rear fog light, radio, MP3 and four speakers, three-point Emergency Locking Retractor seat belt and MacPherson independent front suspension. GreenWheel.

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Myers Motors NMG2 NEV

October 28, 2009 | NEVs


Bound to be the king of double takes once it hits the road in 2010, the Myers Motors NMG2 NEV is slick, cool and now offers room for two. Using a proven electric drive and advanced lithium battery system, the NMG2 (which stands for No More Gas) will be able to keep up on the highway, as well as have a 60 mile range, and cost around 2 cents per mile to keep going. Designed for easy overnight charging, this three-wheeling Myers Motors neighborhood electric vehicle funky center-mounted headlight and side-by-side seating gives it an eclectic look all its own. Other new features include plenty of storage space and air conditioning. The company states that the NMG2 should cost less than $30,000. Myers Motors.

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Dynasty Sport NEV

October 23, 2009 | NEVs


Keeping it all in the family, the Dynasty Sport NEV shares a lot with its Tropic sibling, including good looks, efficiency and comfort. A four-door, four-seater, the Sport comes equipped with cool “air-doors” that offer a refreshing air flow while protecting you and your passengers against the elements. Powered by EV-31 flooded lead acid batteries, this Dynasty neighborhood electric vehicle can be recharged by plugging in via its 120 VAC on-board charger. Outfitted with front wheel drive, the Sport is a joy to handle, while its four front wheel hydraulic brakes allow you to stop fluidly. Other features include two-point anchored seat belts, halogen headlights, back-up light and alarm, self-canceling turn signals with four-way flashers and speedometer/odometer. Dynasty Electric Vehicles.



October 9, 2009 | NEVs


Set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota’s FT-EV II NEV is a compact four-seat electric vehicle concept that will change the way you look at driving in the city. Boasting drive-by-wire technology, the FT-EV II is controlled by a joystick that combines the accelerator, brakes and steering, giving the driver more legroom. This Toyota NEV’s futuristic theme is highlighted by a second windscreen that’s found below dashboard level, as well as see-through taillights for greater rear visibility. Able to reach top speeds of up to 60mph, you can go more than 50 miles on a fully charged battery, and smooth acceleration is ensured, thanks to its newly developed motor control technology. Other features include a low front cowl and electric sliding doors on both sides.

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