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Pepper Spray cell phone gun

November 4, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


Safety has and always will be of concern here at Travelizmo. Ordinary pepper spray too ordinary? Maybe ... and it's also not a good idea to carry it around visibly in public. Not with the Pepper Spray cell phone gun, $240! If faced with an attacker or groper of any sort, just pull off the antenna and press the button after holding the handset in the correct position toward the attacker's eyes. Additionally, you can set the Pepper Spray cell phone gun to emit a loud ringing panic alarm to get help. Just don't forget it's really not a cell phone and try to call yourself.



October 7, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


Attach the NukAlert to your key chain and it will provide you with 24/7 non-stop monitoring of radiation. Yes, radiation is everywhere but you will only be prompted when their is acutely dangerous, higher levels of radiation present. It's pricey at $160 but comes with a long-life ten year battery. This toy is not not for everyone, but hey it really works.

Strobe Alarm

October 6, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


Here at Travelizmo we are really concerned with your safety, especially when traveling abroad to different cultures. The battery powered Walk Easy Bright Knight personal strobe light, $26.25 at Guerrilla, emits a siren at 137 decibels while also shinning a strobe light at a would-be attacker. This gives you time to slip away or receive an even greater hazing, up to you ... To activate this small, pocket sized device simply pull the rip cord from the alarm.

The sonic grenade alarm will wake you up

October 4, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


When I first saw this bad boy I thought first of the fire drills we used to have in the dorms at the University of Arizona. Man they where loud and there was no way to sleep through them. The Ear-splitting "sonic grenade" brings out the same affect. Simply pull the pin, and launch the grenade into the target's room. In ten seconds a very annoying and piercingly loud noise (one of three volume settings) will blast out from the alarm. The best part is that to stop the alarm the sleeper has to find you so you can put the pin back in. Now that's annoying. A great prank toy or a great travel gadget for getting your family going on those early mornings no one wants to get up. Pick one up for $16.

Sonic Alarm Grenade: Ear Shrapnel (Gizmodo)

Ear-splitting "sonic grenade" for waking oversleepers (BoingBoing)

TranStrap Subway experience enchancer

August 25, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


So the subway gets packed and your left standing amongst lots of smelly people with no where to go. A sharp turn and bam! You smash into the old paraplegic trombone player who looks at you bedazzled, uttering slurs in an unknown language... This could have all been avoided with the patented TranStrap. The TranStrap acts as an ingenious handle and provides a comfortable, hygienic, secure grip of the overhead subway bar. This personalized subway experience enhancer goes on and comes off easily and can be stowed in a purse or pocket. There are three American made models which include the TranStrap Original for $16.95, the TranStrap DX for $19.95 and finally the TranStrap Reader Sling for $12.95. Don't forget to add flair and enhanced comfort to your TranStrap Original or TranStrap DX with the TranStrap Loop Sleeve available in black, blue, red, and green colors. Round two old man!

Subway Strap-On (Gizmodo)

Keyring Alarm - evil doers beware!

August 25, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


Protection can be of concern when traveling to uninhabited lands where cannibals feast on the meat of men. It's also a must in a city like New York! If anybody starts messing with you quickly push down on the base of this keyring alarm and emit a 138 decibel blast in the direction (ear preferably) of the attacker. The alarm comes fitted with an energy cell; each alarm also comes with a spare energy cell. Safety first! Get this safety travel gadget at GUERRILLA for $14.

Trident Triple Action Alarm

August 1, 2005 | Safety & Alarms


While traveling to far away lands you can never be too safe... The Trident triple action personal attack alarm is the ultimate safety precaution gadget for those who don't like to mess with real weapons. Small enough to be stored away in your pocket, it is easy to retrieve this little survival gadget and point it right in the ear of an attacker. This little devil sends out a 138 decibel alarm blast, combined with cloud of very repulsive odor and an invisible tracer cloud. The tracer cloud just happens to be invisible to the naked eye and sticks to skin and clothing for an added effect of disorder. The cloud can still be viewed under ultra violet light for up to seven days, even after regular washing. Simple Safety for $26.25.


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