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November 14, 2005 | Skateboards


Designed to control speed by carving, these boards are a great alternative to lift lines, long drives to the mountains, and the summertime blues. The new wheel technology offered in the Flowlab Bullit 32 Shortboard, $199.00, allows you to carve with the rhythm and flow of snowboarding and surfing. Compared to regular skateboards which reach their turning limit at about a 25 degree angle, the Flowlab allows you to turn at 45 degrees. Flowlab Skateboards also don't use rubber bushings which removes the resistance in your turns giving you a much smoother ride.

S-board Skateboard

August 3, 2005 | Skateboards


When I was 13 I used to treat my body like a test dummy skateboarding at the local skate park. Take a skateboard, subtract two wheels, and what do you get? Much more pain and lots of it. Whatever no pain no game right? With the S-board you can bring the sensation of snowboarding in Vail to the streets of New York. The new two rollerblade wheel design gives you that smooth slalom feeling and allows for sharp turns. Cool for the "I’ll try anything once daredevils" this is it! The S-board launches later this month in the UK... Prices to sell at £70 ($122.5), you will have the option of customizing your board and wheels with different custom designs.

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