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Innovus Solar Messenger Bag

January 9, 2006 | Solar Powered


This Innovus Design “Fusion” Solar Messenger Bag w/ optional PowerPac uses power acquired from it's solar panels to charge external batteries as well as internal batteries of all your favorite electronics with a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Carry and charge at the same time!

(eclisps solar gear)



October 31, 2005 | Solar Powered


So your on the beach on a sunny day, and your umbrella is actually powering your stereo. Cool right! The Sunbrella provides a source of energy to power small appliances using Photovoltaics that produce a peak output of 282 watts.(A standard CD/cassette player takes 30 watts) Just plug your small appliance in to the Umbrella's plug and your in business. It also comes with a built in fan for additional cooling on hotter days. Other features include detachable parts for easy flat storage, and a drill anchor for an easier set up.

(Yanko Design)

Solar-powered bus stops

October 26, 2005 | Solar Powered


These environmentally friendly i-SHELTERs were created by Carmanah, a Canadian company. Whenever you walk into one of these bus shelters, solar-powered LED lights will greet your arrival. Edinburgh, one of more recent cities to adopt such bus shelters was preceded with installations in Canada, Chicago, and Seattle. London will soon see at least 1,200 of these solar-powered bus stops.

Solar–Powered Fan Safari Hat

October 11, 2005 | Solar Powered


Another cool solar–powered hat though this time it's safari style. Keep yourself cool in the jungle, on the beach, or any other place you might want to. One size fits all with adjustable comfort liner and 3–way solar/battery/off switch. It's only $39.98 here.

Hoed met ventilator (GadgetGarden)

Solar–Powered Fan Safari Hat (BookOfJoe)

solar-powered fan cap

October 10, 2005 | Solar Powered

solar-powered fan cap.JPG

Yes! It's true! The greatest invention of all time is finally here! No, not the computer? Something much more ingenius! The solar-powered fan cap! Other than the obvious fact that it keeps you cool with solar-power, it is a yellow trucker! No Van Dutch logo, but still $85.
Not that I want it.

Solar-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

September 10, 2005 | Solar Powered


This new solar-powered underwater vehicle was designed to provide better observation and monitoring of complex aquatic systems in testing dissolved oxygen levels for example, as well as applications to environmental management and security and defense programs. How you ask? Using integrated sensor microsystems, pervasive computing, wireless communications, and sensor mobility with robotics, these SUAVs will network with one another in real time to assess a water body as a whole. Even the U.S. Navy has paid attention and will evaluate their use for coastal surveillance applications. The SAUV weighs 370 pounds, moves slowly at 2 miles per hour, but can dive to depths up to 500 meters. New pro-earth technology! Great!

Check out this journal of Field tests of two SAUVs ,SAUV II and REMUS, in Lake George, NY at the Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute.

Solar-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Divester)

Rensselaer Researcher To Showcase New Solar Underwater Robot Technology (CCN Magazine)

iSun Solar Charger

July 29, 2005 | Solar Powered


If you like to carry around a lot of gadgets the iSun solar charger will help you provide power for devices like mp3 players, radios, digital cameras, and GPS systems. Sunlight is transformed into energy providing 2.2 watts at either 6 or 12 volts (which is compatible with almost everything). Connect two or more Isun's to get more electricity. A nice gadget to have while traveling.

The Juice Bag - solar energy

July 15, 2005 | Solar Powered


This bag of "juice" or energy is a hot concept great for anyone who uses electronics outside the house. The bag features a 12 x 12 solar panel that brings in 16.6 Volts of power. Off course the juice bag is only useful if in sunlight, the more sunlight the better. A great buy for modern travelers of any kind. Made from tough, stop-rip nylon material this back pack has it all. $199.95 at


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