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Sportsman Series Wilderness Medicine Medical Kit - Adventure Medical Kits

July 31, 2006 | Survival Kits


Adventure Medical Kits combine high-end supplies with excellent cases and come in great for safety when doing activities like hiking, canoeing, camping, biking, climbing etc. Adventure Medical Kits like the new Sportsman Series Wilderness Medicine Medical Kits include five different kits depending on how many features you think might come in handy while doing what you doing. The Sportsman Series Sportsman Kit, a mid-size kit that's small enough to take with you into the field or on your boat includes emergency supplies for gunshot wounds, stopping bleeding, removing fish hooks and much more. The Wilderness Medicine Medical Kit has a price of $35. Adventure Medical Kits.

Adventure Plus Multitool

December 5, 2005 | Survival Kits


The Adventure Plus Multitool, $24.95, keeps seven adventure essentials handy inside in one clevarly designed case. It includes a LED flashlight, liquid-filled, freeze-resistant floating-dial compass, five-power magnifier, digital thermometer, signal mirror, safety whistle, and a dry match-storage compartment. A smart and fun thing to have while traveling, camping or having an adventure.

Survival Kit In A Sardine Can

November 22, 2005 | Survival Kits


For $10 this Survival Kit In A Sardine Can allows you to go fishing with the hook and line, find your way home with a compass, boil water in a can for your tea and sugar, and survive in the wilderness with the first aid supplies. Other items included are duct tape, matches, whistle, signal mirror, razor blade, fire starter cube, chewing gum, salt and a safety pin. Don't take off to Alaska just yet...but it might be a good idea to have this in your pocket.

emergency MagFire Firestarter

November 20, 2005 | Survival Kits


Fire is one of the basic necessities for life. If you are ever in an emergency, like for example, your car dies in the middle of nowhere, this water and oil resistant MagFire Firestarter, $24.90, will make sure you keep yourself warm. A smart thing to have!

The Ready Kit Plus - survival kit

October 6, 2005 | Survival Kits


The Ready Kit Plus is a great thing to have on a family road trip, daredevil camping trip, and off course your home. Items like the 30-piece first-aid kit, Three-day supply of food and water (five-year shelf life), Water resistant AM/FM radio, Emergency thermal blanket and Flashlight are always good to have around. Check out the full list of items. Yes you could assemble your own kit, but this one comes in a highly visible orange backpack, that, hypothetically offcourse, the helictoper search team will be able to see easily. $59.00 at Home Guard.

Combat Survival Kit

August 12, 2005 | Survival Kits


Complete with a button compass, night light, flint/striker, whistle cutter, match book, pencil, wire saw, sewing kit, snare wire, puritabs, safety pins, fishing kit, survival Instructions and accident evaluation this combat survival kit will have you living Swiss Family Robinson in no time. It's only $22.66 so you can't go wrong having one in your luggage.

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