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July 4, 2006 | Travel News

Trying to get into the Recreational Vehicle (RV) lifestyle, want to see more of the country outside your city bubble, want a comfortable way to get around that meets the comforts of home? Would-be RV travelers can order a free "getting-started" DVD or CD-ROM at or call 1-888-Go RVing. They can also check out the website for lists of Go RVing dealers and campgrounds in their area not to mention RV shows, publications, rental sources and clubs. is definitely a great source for beginner to expert RV enthusiasts.

Aeroscraft Flying Luxury Hotel

February 14, 2006 | Travel News


The Aeroscraft Flying Luxury Hotel is not a Blimp. This bad boy could change the way you think about air travel. When the Aeroscraft is completed, it will ferry pampered passengers across continents and oceans as they stroll leisurely about the one-acre cabin (no more staying in your cramped seat) or relax in their staterooms. With a range of several thousand miles and an estimated top speed of 174 mph, the Aeroscraft Flying Luxury Hotel could traverse the continental U.S. in about 18 hours. On board feautures will include luxury staterooms, restaurants, even a casino. The first prototype of this two-football-fields-long concept airship is planned for completion by 2010.


Airlines change the ways we board

January 11, 2006 | Travel News


Industry giants Airliners like United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, AirTran, and America West have stopped boarding passengers back-to-front to wring out greater savings and to minimize passenger frustration. Why do I care? You will now be boarding in the most efficient way possible. United, for example, now groups passengers at the gate according to their seat's letter designation. The carrier boards window passengers first, followed by those in middle and aisle seats. Its boarding is now four to five minutes faster, saving the company about $1 million a year. Crazy! Now if only the employees saw some of that money, maybe there would be no more strikes in the future! Doubt it. Flight attendants at United Airlines are asking a court to reject the No. 2 U.S. carrier's plan to exit bankruptcy protection, citing plans to pay bonuses to 400 members of management. Nothing new.

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New Laws in Spain

January 9, 2006 | Travel News


The Spanish government has parted ways with siesta! You know the tradition for Spanish workers to work from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., party till 4:30 p.m., and then go back to the office till around 7. The new law, designed to help Spaniards balance jobs and families, makes sure government ministries close no later than 6 p.m. These days taking a siesta is hard because most have to travel far to get to work.

Also new anti-smoking laws are making smoking forbidden at work, and public and private buildings, like shops, schools, hospitals, buses and trains. Employees smoking on the job now have to go outside and make up lost work time.

(bbc news)

Traveling in the sky statistics

December 17, 2005 | Travel News


The results are in and it seems airlines are a good place make acquaintances, unless offcourse its only you on the plane, but there are always the flight attendents.

-21 percent of passengers have flirted with their seatmate
-21 percent have exchanged phone numbers with a fellow passenger
-30 percent have exchanged business cards
-40 percent have shared a meal or drink at the airport with someone they met on the plane

So go on and try to make the most of your flying experience.

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Boeing to attempt world's longest flight

November 9, 2005 | Travel News


Boeing plans to break the record for the longest non-stop flight by a commercial jet — a 12,500-mile trip that is to begin in Hong Kong, fly over northern Canada and land in London, the company said Wednesday. The plane will have 35 passengers, including Boeing representatives, journalists and customers. By doing this they hope to break the current world record of 10,500 miles (London to Sydney in 1989).


San Francisco Airport will get new Spas

November 4, 2005 | Travel News


After a long grueling flight cross country or cross-world it is nice to get a massage, facial, and even get those cuticles redone. Many people get flight fatigue, sickness and paranoia. For these reasons you will be seeing many more spas in airports in the next decade. San Francisco airport (SFO) plans to triple the amount of space allotted to spas, reports the San Francisco Examiner. When completed, SFO’s spa facility will compare to New York’s JFK International Airport, which currently hosts four facilities itself. No doubt these businesses will prosper. Get the full story here.

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Edinburgh offers wireless tours

October 27, 2005 | Travel News


Edinburgh plans to attract more tourists by offering “wireless tours” of the city on everyday mobile phones and handheld computers. Tourism leaders believe that this service will be able to assist tourists in pre-planning their visits, while important events happening in the capital could be relayed quickly. What a revolutionary idea for tourism industry! It will offer a unique advertising opportunity to all tourism providers small and big.


Bruce Lee festival next month in Hong Kong

October 25, 2005 | Travel News


The Bruce Lee festival next month in Hong Kong will be held to celebrate the unveiling of a statue of Bruce Lee on Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars. The 6-foot-6-inch statue will feature the martial arts star with his torso bared and his hands spread in a fighting stance. The pose was selected in an online poll of Lee's fans. The Nov. 25-Dec. 1 festival, backed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, will include a fan gathering, tours of Lee-related sites and free showings of his movies at the Avenue of Stars. It will be like Hong Kong's equivalent of Hollywood's Walk of Fame.


Tips to find cheap domestic flights

August 17, 2005 | Travel News

These tips are almost obvious ... but it never hurts to hear them again.

1) First and foremost, plan your trip in advance and you will find much better deals then if you procrastinate.

2) Try to schedule your trip midweek (Tuesday-Thursday) if possible.

3) Better prices are found by looking at one-stop or connecting routed flights rather than just non-stops.

4) Yeah the early-morning and late-night flights don't fit your schedule the best, but they're also the cheapest.

5) Use search engines that let you search for flights before and after your desired date.

Be Flexible (Travel + Leisure Magazine)

Credit Card parking meters in Sacremento

July 26, 2005 | Travel News


Sacramento has become even more convenient to travelers. New Parking meters where installed in Cesar Chavez Park and City Hall. The nine new solar-powered machines will accept credit cards and coins. Sacremento hopes to reduce costs and maintenance, and according to officials a 25 percent increase in profits is expected from this effort to make downtown parking more convenient. This 6-month trial can bring way to hundreds more of the machines.

Cell Phone freedom on airlines

July 15, 2005 | Travel News


The British Civil Aviation Authority are allowing mobile phones to be operated in calendar, photo viewer or similar mode. This is great progress for phone users, who before where not allowed to use cell phones onboard at all. The British Civil Aviation Authority has decided that during flight mode when the radio is disabled cell phones do not interfere with pilot systems. Users have to make clear that they are in flight mode when their transmitter is off. Sony Ericsson's P900 smartphone is a good example and displays "FLIGHT MODE" on its display.

The fastest airliner ever

July 15, 2005 | Travel News

Tupolev- Tu-144.jpg

To date the fastest airliner is the Tupolev Tu-144 which was reported to have reached Mach 2.4, or 2,587 km/h (1,600 mph). The Tupolev TU-144 was built in competitive spirit to the British and French Concorde supersonic jetliner, however one of the aircraft crashed during a presentation at the Paris Air Show in 1973. The Tupolev TU-144 was nicknamed 'Charger'.

Travelers utilize gym through airport

May 27, 2005 | Travel News

workout or wait in airport.JPG

"Flight 167 to Orlando has been delayed due to storms and bad weather patterns" You have most likely heard announcments similiar to this one at some point in your traveling career. It happens all the time either the weather is bad, the runways are packed, the planes aren't working right whatever... in all cases you have to sit in that uncomfortable terminal frustrated about updates that only prolong your waiting. Why not go to the gym? It turns out lots of airports have gyms that are just a short taxi ride away and a few even have them inside or in nearby airport hotels. Kevin Gillotti is someone who needed to stay in shape for duathlon competitions and hated waiting at airports so he started on his airport gyms web site. His website lists more than 50 health clubs in or around airports in the US and even Canada. There are two for Midway and O'hare airports in illinois for example. Next time you take a flight check to see if one is near an airport in your flight plan.

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