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Seiko Sportura SLQ021 Watch Limited Edition

March 13, 2007 | Watches


The Seiko Sportura SLQ021 Watch Limited Edition belongs to Seiko’s Kinetic Chronograph line of watches. And the Sportura does much more than just tell the time. This Limited Edition watch has an automatic power generator (the duration of a full charge is approximately one month), as well as an overcharge prevention function and energy depletion forewarning function. The Sportura SLQ021 Watch is designed with anti-glare sapphire crystal, LumiBrite hands and marker, and titanium carbon nitride plating. Its stopwatch function measures up to 12 hours, 6 minutes in 1/10 second increments and water resistant up to 100 meters. Sportura SLQ021 Watch retails for $5,700. Seiko.


August 18, 2006 | Watches


The Quicksilver Antigua watch has a modern square face with a wide leather band and features an antiquated finish, stainless steel casing, 3 hands analog movement, and a water resistant case. This one goes for a price of $100 at Swell. Its not on the Quicksilver site itself but check it out anyway.Quicksilver.

Suunto T3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

August 1, 2006 | Watches


The Suunto T3, great for runners, bikers, spinning etc. is more than just a heart rate monitor watch and actually helps you maximize your results by providing real-time information by logging your workout, tracking your physiological progress, and by displaying Training Effect (benefit of your workout on a 1-5 scale). The Suunto T3 also tells you your heart rate, calories burned, the speed and distance with optional PODS. The watch comes equipped with PC POD and software so you can easily transfer data from your T3 onto your PC to keep a daily log and watch your progress. It comes in three cool styles and sells for a price of around $200. Suunto.

Suunto D6 Dive Computer Watch

July 4, 2006 | Watches


The Suunto D6 dive computer watch features the combination of three operating modes, gas-switching functionality, integrated digital compass, and the Suunto RGBM deep stop algorithm which will take your diving way beyond the next level. All you need when concerning about depth, time, direction, and decompression status is one easy to read display and with the included Suunto Dive Manager PC software you can analyze your dive afterwards. Also check out the Suunto D6 web demo. Suunto.

Casio Pathfinder PAG-80 watch

February 15, 2006 | Watches


The Casio Pathfinder PAG-80 watch features a compass, altimeter and barometer, everything neccessary for an everyday timepiece. You won't have to worry about batteries because it's solar powered. The Casio Pathfinder PAG-80 watch also includes the world time feature which is nice and the backlight works great for night visibility.


Backside Watch

February 7, 2006 | Watches


This watch is all backwards! It's even called the Backside Watch. Created by Russian designers, this Swiss-made timepiece doesn't include a fancy faceplate for it looks like the back of a watch. The numbers run backwards (from right to left) and even the text engraving is in mirror image or backwards. Sounds really complicated huh? To tell time you should wear the watch upside down or you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. There are only 99 of these eccentric watches so pick yours up for $1,000 while they last.



January 24, 2006 | Watches


The Silva Outdoor Computer in no ordinary outdoor watch! Its full feature set includes altimeter, barometer, digital compass, time/date and 375 record logbook. Find it in black or white and interchange the module between the included black wristband, carabiner, and lanyard for maximum flexibility with any outdoor activities! Additional colored wrist bands available separately.

Malaria Protection Wristwatch

January 19, 2006 | Watches


Deadly Cases of Malaria can be been found in places like Africa, the rain-forest and other mosquito ridden environments. Thanks to South African inventor Gervan Lubbe's watch you can prevent concocting a serious case of Malaria. His battery-operated, water-resistant wristwatch has the ability to potentially prevent up to a million deaths annually. Here's how it works: 4 times a day, the watch will take a blood sample from your wrist for malaria parasites. If you get a parasite count above 50 you will be alerted with an alarm and picture of the mosquito on the display. All you need to do is pop 3 tablets within 2 days and that will kill all traces of the parasite before sever symptoms can occur. There have been 1.5 million orders worldwide so far. Pick it up for $280, health is worth every penny!


New vibrating Casio GL-7500HD

January 9, 2006 | Watches


The Casio GL-7500HD, 65$, is great for all kinds of water sports like swimming, surfing, water skiing, body boarding etc. The vibrating alarm makes sure you are aware of the time while doing these activities, since you might not hear it. Water enthusiasts will also enjoy the tide graph and water resistance to 200 meters (around 650 feet). The rest of the features include a choice of three daily alarms and one snooze alarm, a countdown timer, stopwatch with a resolution of 1/100 of a second, and the Automatic calendar. Pick this one up if your looking for an inexpensive, durable watch thats great for the water.


Hummingbird Fish Finder Watch

December 2, 2005 | Watches

Hummingbird Fish Finder Watch.JPG

This Hummingbird Fish Finder Watch uses a sonar sensor unit which gives it the ability to operate within a 75 meter radius and scan ocean depths of 120 meters. This fishing gadget is easy to use, all you have to do is attach the floating sensor to your fishing line and it will transmit the images of the fish onto the LCD screen on the wrist unit in real time. The watch features a proximity alarm, sensitivity level, depth range, and fish identifier which provides up to 400 hours of battery life. Go ahead catch the big fish!


Seiko Spectrum SVRD001

December 1, 2005 | Watches


Seiko is planning to release 500 units of their new limited edition watch, the Seiko Spectrum SVRD001. This watch, similar to a bracelet, uses the first flexible e-paper or Electrophoretic Display(EPD)in the world. They will be going for only 1900 EUR and will be available worldwide in January 2006.


Suunto M9i - The world's smallest wrist worn GPS

November 15, 2005 | Watches

Suunto M9i.JPG

The Suunto M9i is an improved version of the Suunto M9 wristop computer and allows for easy transmission of sailing data to your pc via USB-cable. Using its GPS function you can atttain information on speed, heading, and distance to help you keep your vessel on correct course. Store up to 50 routes and 500 waypoints in memory for all your different adventure routes. When the battery goes low plug your watch into the laptop battery via USB cable. The Suunto M9i will be available in March 2006. For more information go to Suunto.

Suunto M3

November 15, 2005 | Watches


This brand new Suunto M3 wristop computer, available in March 2006, helps sailors and windsurfers get the perfect start (often the difference between losing and winning). With these two sports, to ensure a perfect start, it's all about being in the right place at the right time. With the Suunto M3, you can determine the favored end of the start line and see the time to the start line in connection with the start timer. During the hectic moments before the start, the countdown timer lock ensures that the timer synchronization isn't changed by mistake. The overly large numbers and loud signals keep you well informed of the time left to the start. While out on the course, the Suunto M3 provides assistance by enabling you to determine the bearing to the next race marker, and compare it to the wind direction, before reaching the turning point. This information gives you the ability to steer the correct course right after the turn (a valuable advantage over your competitors). Another feature lets you mark the wind direction with the rotating bezel to track and memorize wind shifts. After racing, the race times and time stamps can be reviewed from the watches logbook.

roxy deep tide watch

November 14, 2005 | Watches


The Roxy deep tide watch, $90.00, is designed and sized for a women's wrist. This new watch comes pre-programmed with really accurate, beach specific tide readings for 200 surf spots on 5 continents and provides precise tide heights and times for the break your headed to, not just the nearest harbor. With this patent-pending Quiksilver Tide watch system(QTWS) technology you'll know exactly when to paddle out and hit better swells (perfect timing from tomorrow until 2020). Other features include water height measurement in feet, meters or the coefficient(Trilingual), a surf heat timer, and water resistance to 10 ATM. The Roxy Deep Tide watch offers breakthrough technology for surfing.

freestyle Shane dorian 2 watch

November 14, 2005 | Watches


This Freestyle Shane dorian 2 watch, $70, is quite a looker. Great for surfing it offers a Depth rate of 165FT/50M. Other features include
an all stainless steel case and buckle, signature of pro surfer Shane Dorian on the caseback, water-resistant polyurethane band
and Quartz accurate movement. Tell time in style!

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