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Cayago Magnum water scooter - very limited edition

July 14, 2009 | Water Sports


Following the successful launch of the Seabob water scooter, Cayago AG brings you the Magnum - a high-tech toy whose technical construction and masculine design were developed for a limited edition of only 100 machines. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as a sonar system, an electronic compass enabling it to be navigated optimally at high speeds under water and in conditions of poor visibility, the Cayago Magnum water scooter also offers up to 4 hours operating time, 20 gear speed control, E-jet power system and 10 HP electric engine which contains highly efficient and Eco friendly 33 kg high energy Li-Ion accumulators. Last checked these water scooters for going for 78,000 € if you can still get one. Cayago.


Transparent Canoe-Kayak by Hammacher Schlemmer

July 25, 2006 | Water Sports


The Transparent Canoe-Kayak allows paddlers a chance to see below kinda like those glass bottom boats you always seem to get swindled into going on when in Mexico. The Transparent Canoe-Kayak seats two people, is made with a polymer hull of the same durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets plus a lightweight anodized aluminum frame. Cool! It's also easy to maneuver, wide providing for greater surface stability, and sits paddlers lower to the deck, resulting in better balance. The adjustable seats personalize paddlers leg room space and the following is also included: two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices. Weight capacity 425 pounds. So don't push it folks! You can own the Transparent Canoe-Kayak for a price of $1,459.95. Hammacher Schlemmer.

Epic Elite Camera Housing

July 17, 2006 | Water Sports


New Epic Elite Camera Housing makes it possible to take actions shots with your video camera while doing water activities like snorkeling, surfing, wake boarding, boating, and shallow diving in water and has been tested in water depths of up to 60feet.

The Epic Elite Camera Housing adjusts to fit over 500 different (Fits most cameras within these dimensions: (HWD) 5" x 5" x 8.5" ) video cameras with only a few simple adjustments, includes features like start/stop recording, a shock absorbing stabilization tray, and an extra thick haul for added strength perfect for more extreme conditions. Epic Camera Housings.

Wego Kite Tube Recall

July 16, 2006 | Water Sports


Are you into extreme activities, sports etc. I didn't think riding the Wego Kite Tube was such an extreme activity until I found out that Sportsstuff, Inc. had voluntarily recalled 19,000 Wego Kite Tubes in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. I was out on the lake recently and saw one of these in action. Who knew they could be so dangerous! The recall is in reaction to the 39 injury incidents that included two deaths, a broken neck, punctured lung, chest and back injuries and facial injuries. If you do own a Wego Kite Tube you should immediately stop using the kite tubes and either use the Wego Kite Tube Replacement Request or contact Sportsstuff at (866) 831-5524 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday to learn how to obtain free replacement products. You can also visit Sportsstuff for more information.

2006 Mercury Dynamic Rid Series 280 PVC - Inflatable Boat

May 2, 2006 | Water Sports


Mercury Inflatable boats are built strong, designed smart with all necessary features standard, include an inflatable keel for superior performance and steering, look sleek, and are protected with a full 5 or 10 Year limited warranty(depending on model). The 2006 Mercury Dynamic Rid Series 280 PVC Inflatable Boat, for example, is 9'2'' long, weighs 80 lbs., fits four people, and has a maximum horsepower of 6. Mercury Boat.

Hobie Mirage Sport Pedal Kayak

April 6, 2006 | Water Sports


Providing a new way to fish, the Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak is a hands-free, pedal-driven kayak that provides everything a fisherman needs including speed, comfort, stability, and the ability to easily maneuver. Features include two molded in rear rod holders, self-draining cockpit scuppers, high-back seat with detachable fanny pack and even an optional sailing kit. Hobie Kayak.

sea-doo SEASCOOTER XL Personal Water Propeller

January 19, 2006 | Water Sports

Sea-Doo SEASCOOTER-XL-Personal-Water-Propeller.JPG

You can think of the Sea-Doo Seascooter XL Personal Water Propeller, $199.95, like a magical underwater electric scooter for snorkeling, diving, and having underwater fun. Easily zip around below the surface at 2mph and dive quickly to depths of up to 15 feet. For safety the propeller is safely encased in a tough plastic grille and stops when you let go of the handles. You only get one hour of use after overnight charging but that's plenty when you think about it. Pick it up at Sharper Image.

Bought a new boat? Now learn Power Boating Techniques and Safety

January 9, 2006 | Water Sports


Have you just purchased your new boat? Not ready to take a cruise on the Potomac River or the Chesapeake Bay? Need more experience on the water? You can learn power boating techniques and safety from the best! Captain Cook and his staff are U.S. Coast Guard licensed merchant marine officers with masters license.

You will receive a full one-day (up to 8 hours) hands-on training with your Captain, ensuring that you will have the confidence to navigate the waters of the Potomac or Chesapeake Bay. Confidence that will ensure that you enjoy your boat to the fullest! The cost is $450.00 but the experiences you gain from this lesson will be priceless.

learn the secrets of boat handling including:
- boater safety
- navigation
- line handling
- reading the water signs (not only the displayed signs)
- reading the weather
- many other topics

Perception Acadia Scout kayak

January 9, 2006 | Water Sports


It's always a great to get your kids involved in your hobbies. The Perception Acadia Scout was designed from scratch to fit kids from 8-12 years old, and not just as a first boat, but as one that could grow with them. The funny thing is that the Acadia Scout was actually designed by kids for kids, so no more bumping elbows on a too-wide hull, or sitting on a pfd just to see over a too-high cockpit. Pick from red or yellow, then watch the included Start-Right DVD and get on your way.

Intel's Surfboard

November 22, 2005 | Water Sports


Say hello to the Intel surfboard! In a way to promote their new Centrino processor to beach babes, surfers etc., Intel had implemented a surfboard with a tablet PC. The wi-fi ready, solar-powered board, can send e-mail, shoot videos with a built-in Web cam, and browse the internet. Talk about twice the surfing!

Amphibious Kick Scooter

November 2, 2005 | Water Sports


This concept electric kick scooter by Jieyu Design works on land and as a propulsion aid in water. On land it functions as a normal electric kick scooter using 2 hub motors inside the wheels themselves, while in the water it acts as a propulsion aid using the propellers attached to the wheels to push water out in one singular direction propelling it across water. In designing this product for two different environments, many difficulties and opportunities arose. A very sweet concept.


perception eclipse 16.0 kayak

October 14, 2005 | Water Sports


A combination of initial stability and speed has made the Eclipse series one of the most popular expedition touring series ever sold to kayakers. The perception eclipse 16.0, MSRP: $1449.99, features flush mounted hatches, a new Aluminum Expedition touring rudder, and improved Liquicell seating. Additionally, the Eclipse 16.0 is designed to bring to the smaller paddler all of the control, speed, and stability found in the larger 17.0. It comes in Red / Yellow, Red, Smoke / Blue, and Yellow. The Eclipse is the all around platform that has helped many people explore so many beaches, oceans and bays.

FCS H-2 surfboard fin

July 29, 2005 | Water Sports


There are many different surfboard companies out there, sadly many of them use a hit or miss design technique for their products. The H-2 isn't any normal surfboard fin and is first in the evolution of surfing equipment through combining the art of wave riding with fin design and science. This new technology is setting bar for further innovation in fin and board design.


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